SEO Building Blocks™ 2010 Edition
Optimize your Intuit - Homestead Site for better search engine placement

seo building blocks provides the foundation for a well-optimized website
It has been said that it is difficult to optimize sites built with 'drag and drop' or WYSIWYG (what-you-see-is-what-you-get) software such as Intuit - Homestead's web site building program. While no one can guarantee a #1 spot in Search Engine Results (unless large sums of money are involved or it's for a term no one will ever search for), optimizing the Intuit - Homestead built site and achieving better placement in search engine results is definitely possible and SEO Building Blocks™ shows you how.
SEO Building Blocks™ is your guide to search engine optimization for the Intuit - Homestead designed site. Included are explanations and tools to help improve both the rank and viewer friendliness of sites designed using the SiteBuilder program. The 50+ page E-book, in printable PDF format, removes the mystery from the steps needed to make a site search engine and viewer friendly. SEO Building Blocks is a reference manual to use while designing a web site. Information in written form, with illustrations and step by step examples, is the easiest and most effective way of learning the complexities of search engine optimization.
SEO Building Blocks E Book
in printable PDF format
Price: $21.95 US

Using detailed examples and illustrations, SEO Building Blocks™ guides you through the steps of basic search engine optimization.

Did you know there is a method of entering text and elements on a page to make it more Search Engine friendly?  Find out about this placement under the Techniques section.
If Search Engine Optimization has you totally confused, SEO Building Blocks™ can help. It's written to give the webmaster a working knowledge of the complexities of optimizing a site. The easy-to-read guide includes tutorials, illustrations and step-by-step explanations of how to optimize the Homestead designed website. The building blocks to successful SEO.
There are thousands of books and articles and even some rather lame videos on search engine optimization, but none (that we have been able to find) that are accurate, up-to-date or address the correct method of optimizing and designing with the Site Builder software from Intuit - Homestead Technologies, Inc.™

SEO Building Blocks™ provides specific information and tutorials to help the Homestead user optimize their website. Learn how to create a professional looking website that also does well in searches to increase your visitors and sales potential.

Written by Homestead users, for Homestead users and backed by over 20 years of experience with the SiteBuilder program and search engine optimization.
SEO Building Blocks
Terminology - Learn the words associated with web site design and search engine optimization.
Search Engines 101 - Meet the search engines and what they expect from you.
Meta Tags - What they are and how to write them effectively.
Page Design - Good design is important to the search engine optimization process.
Keywords - Research techniques to determine which keywords to use. 
Writing Good Content - Make your site stand out by writing good page copy.
Heading (Header)Tags - How these tags can help the SEO effort
Link Building - Links are vital to the success of a web site. Find out how to make them work for you.
Optimizing for Google - If Google loves you
chances are the other search engines will too.
Tips, Tools & Techniques - The extras that enhance the web site, make designing easier and give the webmaster a good resource for tools that are useful in the SEO and design process.
......and much more
Also includes:
Web Site Design Checklist
30 day  Money Back Guarantee
If SEO Building Blocks doesn't give you a better understanding of the process of web site optimization or provide  the self-help tools needed to improve search engine ranking we will refund the purchase price.
Simply email  proof of purchase along with a brief explanation to and a refund will be issued.
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Learn how to optimize your website with SEO Building Blocks e book
Homestead Website Design
Homestead Website Design
The Building Blocks
to a Successful
Home Based Business
Companion Book

Homestead Website Design - The Building Blocks to a Successful Home Based Business by the authors of SEO Building Blocks™
Learn how to start a homebased website design business. Guides to starting up, proper design and marketing techniques to earn even more from your business. Great even for the beginning webmaster who needs help with design. E-Book in printable PDF format.
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Price: $21.95 US
SEO Building Blocks™
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“I heartily recommend the book SEO Building Blocks! It has up-to-date, relevant information that is explained in terms you can follow and understand, rather than computereze. You come away with a clear understanding of the logic and complexities of search engine optimization and its application to your site. Buy the book and apply the principles to see better search engine placement for your site.”

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I HIGHLY recommend the SEO book if you want to learn how to improve your standings in Google searches. Tim - Contour Properties
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Susan and Judy,

I just downloaded the new edition and read some of it while printing. It looks terrific. It was very helpful before; but from what I've seen, I think it's much improved now! This will be a good reason to review SEO again, and, hopefully, comprehend it much better now that I've gotten some experience.

Thanks Ladies for the fantastic job you do on the book and the forum.

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