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SEO Building Blocks™
The Guide to Search Engine Optimization for Intuit and Homestead Sites.
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Successful Home Based Business and Professional Website Design
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Build Your Own Small Business Website

To be competitive in today's world, your business needs a web site presence. Intuit Websites by Homestead has an affordable solution for creating a professional looking website. Even if you have never built a web site before, the intuitive software and support system takes the guesswork out of site building. You can have a live web presence for your small business in the space of a few hours.
Building a web site using either the Intuit or Homestead Site Builder program you can:
  • Make your own web site and avoid designer fees.
  • Choose your own personalized domain name.
  • Place your business in front of consumers 24/7.
  • Have complete control over the site.
  • Make changes and updates fast and easy, online or off.
  • Access comprehensive site stats.
  • Sell your products online using Pay Pal
Build a Professional Looking Website with
At this point a decision has to be made whether to give up the idea of a web site or hire expensive SEO services in order to have any chance of being found in searches. 
Take the mystery out of search engine optimization and the best practices of site design. SEO Building Blocks™ was written to give users of the Site Builder program an inexpensive alternative to costly SEO services.
  • The information is presented so even the novice user can easily grasp the concepts of search engine optimization and what it takes to produce a well-optimized, well-designed site that can be competitive on the web.
  • The 50+ page ebook is presented in easy-to-understand terms with illustrations and tutorials that guide the webmaster through the steps of optimizing a small business site.
  • The guide is in a printable format making it easy to use it as a reference while building your site. 
Purchasing the SEO Building Blocks™ ebook can be the single most important step you take to creating a Homestead site that will succeed on the Internet.
Turn your small business web site into an asset
But, there is more to creating a successful site that can compete on the Internet than just building and publishing.
All too often, the business owner finds that the site has few visitors and even fewer sales. They then start asking what went wrong.
The SiteBuilder program makes it simple to create a site, but it does not come with built-in search engine optimization - the vital ingredient that a site needs to succeed.
Publishing a site on the Internet does not guarantee that people will find it ...

... Without Search Engine Optimization the web site is probably doomed.
Building Blocks to search engine optimization
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Solutions to small business web site SEO needs – Easy to understand self help e-books provide step by step instruction to help you get better search positions for your Intuit or Homestead web site.
The Homestead Website Design guide is a companion book to SEO Building Blocks™. It is featured as the top listed resource for Homestead’s Affiliate program. Written to help Homestead users start a home based design business, the book also focuses on usability and good design practices that can benefit any webmaster. Business start up, marketing, design and best practices are all covered in the 50+ page ebook.
Increase your web site design skills. Homestead Website Design is for anyone interested in a home based site design business or learning more about designing web sites.
Learn how to start your own home based site design business
Buy both books and save $5.00 off the individual sales price.
SEO and Homestead Website Design
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