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Learn how to optimize your website with SEO Building Blocks e book

Intuit - Homestead Website Design and SEO Building Blocks™
E books explain the steps to starting a successful home based business and how to optimize a website for the search engines

SEO Building Blocks explains how to optimize your Homestead site for better search engine ranking. Over 60 pages of information, tutorials and guides.
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SEO Building Blocks™
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Homestead Website Design
The Building Blocks
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Home Based Business
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I thought I would offer my honest opinion on whether you should buy the SEO Building Block and Homestead Website Design E books.

First, my background-no web experience, no html experience, knew nothing about SEO, etc... We had 1 site through Homestead that did nothing for us for the last year. Homestead wanted to do SEO for us at around $1,000! Then we decided to launch another site about 1 month ago. That's when I found the Forum and decided to purchase the SEO Building Blocks. I even spoke to Susan for about an hour before I decided to purchase both books. I have to admit, I was reluctant - I didn't want to spend or "waste" more money.

- My newest site is ranking top page in Google in many different searches.
- My oldest site that I just changed a week ago is now ranking in Google for the 1st time!
- In 1 month-yes a lot of hours- I learned a lot but dramatically changed my website rankings and content. It has been a lot of fun.

If you are contemplating if you should buy the books, I understand, I went through the same process. Buy them, it will help your business along with your SEO skills.

PS: No Judy and Susan did not coerce me, pay me, or threaten me to post this content! I offer it as a free American!
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Start your own home based web site design business.
Homestead Website Design
in printable PDF format

Discover the basics of good design and learn how to start a home based web site design business and increase your earnings. 50+ pages
More info on Homestead Website Design
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A Guide to
Search Engine Optimization
for Homestead Sites
by S&J Enterprises
Optimize your site for better search engine ranking.
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Step by Step Copywriting Course
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If you are serious about success, "SEO Building Blocks" and "Homestead Website Design" are both must reads! The information found in each is easy to understand, laid out step by step with no fail instruction. If you have been creating your web site for one month, one year or many years, you will find information included in these books that is invaluable. You may even have many "Ah Ha!" moments like I did when you realize how many things you didn’t know! These two books are great reference tools for creating a pleasing, professional web site that will find its way into top search rankings, surely something we all strive for! It is obvious to me that the information that has been put into these manuals WORKS! You too will be thrilled with the results.
Linda Mack
Juniper Hill Antiques
Peter Panciera
Just a quick note to say a big THANK YOU! I have used your suggestions in the past and purchasing your first book was one of the smartest things I have done as a webmaster using Homestead. Thank you for the update.  I think you will soon have to start charging for all of your extra work.  Ted Stuckless -
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